Reproducible Data Visualizations Using R and Binder


The purpose of this workshop is two-fold. We will cover the importance of data visualization, give you small group coding challenges to re-create particular types of visualizations in R, and show how to build a reproducible Binder. For research to be fully reproducible, we need to share our data, our code and the computational environment that allows the code to be re-executed. BinderHub allows us to do just this by creating a computational instant from a GitHub repository using R packages and their dependencies associated with a particular time point. Once you have completed the data visualization coding challenges we will show you how to capture your data, code, and computational environment in a Binder.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
You can scroll through the slides below using your arrow keys or mouse and download the workshop GitHub repository from here.
Andrew Stewart
Fellow of the Software Sustainability Institute and Senior Lecturer

My interests include open research and reproducibility, data science, experimental psychology, and psycholinguistics. I am a fellow of the Software Sustainability Institute.