Learning R in the Context of Open and Reproducible Research

In the summer of 2020 I started recording a bunch of workshops as part of two of the Masters level courses I teach at the University of Manchester. I realised they might have broader interest so I decided to share a subset of them via a website. Hopefully you will find them useful. No previous R experience is expected and I take you through all the stages (right from the basics of installing R and RStudio Desktop) step-by-step.

Just click on the image below to go to the workshops.

Image of site

All of the material in the workshops was created using open source where possible using an Entroware Apollo laptop running GNU/Linux distro Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa). The audio was captured with a Fifine USB Podcasting microphone and the video with a Razer Kiyo webcam. The audio and video were recorded using Open Broadcast Software and edited using Shotcut. If you are interested in learning more about open source software, you might be interested in having a look at this set of resources I have put together.

Andrew Stewart
Professor of Cognitive Science

My interests include cognitive science, data visualisation, open science, and reproducible research. I am a fellow of the Software Sustainability Institute.