Major funding boost for UK’s open research agenda

The University of Manchester is one of 18 institutional members of the UK Reproducibility Network (UKRN) receiving significant funding to drive uptake of open research practices across the sector, furthering the UK’s position at the forefront of rigorous and reproducible research.

The UKRN project “Growing and Embedding Open Research in Institutional Practice and Culture” is worth £8.5M over five years and includes £4.5M from the Research England Development (RED) Fund.

Open research ensures transparency across the research lifecycle, promoting rigour, reproducibility, and public trust in research. The benefits of open research practices for improving the quality and integrity of research have been widely documented, and are recognised by the UK Government R&D Roadmap as contributing to improving the culture of research.

The project represents a major strategic investment by Research England that is intended to ensure the UK remains at the forefront of the open research agenda and continues to generate globally leading research of the highest quality. It builds on the recent announcement by the Science Minister regarding UKRI’s new open access policy.

This funding will drive uptake of open research practices across the UK, through the delivery of training and evaluation of its impact. Initially the project will be delivered across institutions that are part of the UK Reproducibility Network. The network is expected to grow over the five years of the award, making training and material available more widely across the sector.

Andrew Stewart
Professor of Cognitive Science

My interests include cognitive science, data visualisation, open science, and reproducible research. I am a fellow of the Software Sustainability Institute.